About "The Fuse"

  I asked myself how could she have EVER knew about this or know how to navigate a and solve a problem like that? and who does anyone have to  call ? The answer is usually no one... as significant and as prolific as the Real estate market is, I found it shocking that 95% of the population barely has 1% access to the "vital uncommon"  information or guidance needed to reach the goals they are trying to achieve.

 team colleagues i respect a became came partner from various backgrounds  and different experiences everywhere from Investment,  financing to asset management. We've all achieved success on our own  and understand what it took.  We came together because we are tired of just "doing" transactional real estate we want to provide something "more". We strive to make a difference in an industry that needs solutions and long term guidance to success. 

It takes a good team to achieve success in any business, especially real estate and Collaborating is the single most important thing that's missing to reach your most of our dreams. 

Join us and instantly have a family of Investors, attorneys, contractors, loan brokers, Real estate brokers, Financial advisers, Property asset managers, consultants, acquisition managers, ect...  working as one for you.

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds

The Mission

To provide opportunities and solutions to empower people through real estate.


We are boldly stepping into the future to extend our mission  into the virtual Meta space to exponentially expand our ability to connect people to people on our platform in a dynamic unprecedented way.  2nd quarter of 2022  "Virtual Fuse" will be ignited!